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Over 45 years of expertise in stair building

In the German-speaking world, the Treppenmeister brand stands for the best-selling quality product in the stair building market. Each of the more than 600000 Treppenmeister staircases sold so far has been built to the latest technological standards.

The highest possible standards

Having carried out decades of research and quality development, Treppenmeister is a pioneer in the field of quality assurance. We have always viewed official building regulations as only representing the minimum requirements for testing stairs and stair components. The standards adhered to within the Treppenmeister Partner Alliance involve detailed basic research with respect to all materials and structures as well as a wide array of tests to ensure they meet the highest possible demands. We have been granted European Technical Approvals for all our stair structures.

The many advantages of an "Original Treppenmeister" staircase

You get a brand product

In German-speaking countries, the Treppenmeister brand stands for top-selling stairs featuring first-class materials and workmanship.

You can opt for a stair design which is in perfect harmony with the style of your home.

Whether you prefer contemporary minimalism, timeless elegance or the warm traditional look, you're free to choose a model from the appropriate range and fine tune it as you wish.

Treppenmeister is never far away.

With over 80 Treppenmeister partner companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Sweden, Poland and Hungary, there's sure to be one near you that will be glad to offer advice.

You can trust a company with over 45 years of experience in research and development.

From sound insulation to fire protection: Wooden stairs from Treppenmeister undergo rigorous testing in the Treppenmeister research laboratory before going into serial production.

We design and build stairs to personal specifications.

Treppenmeister offers countless design options, which means you can have a staircase tailored to your own personal needs.