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A unique system

We have been building staircases since 1964 based on a unique fundamental principle: the “Bucher System”. We have continually perfected this ingenious structure, bringing it up to date with the latest technological standards. Based on the original design, we create ever new types of staircase. This diversity is the key to our success.

In-house testing and development centre

Our development centre is dedicated to detailed basic research. Our multi-level acoustic test rig provides us with important findings for new developments in stair construction. Here we take detailed acoustic measurements and test new materials with the aim of reducing impact sound transmission. With the help of our measuring equipment, we are also able to carry out load tests on fully assembled staircases.

Form follows function

The System staircase provides an ideal basis for designing modern stairs, focusing as it does on the essential elements - the treads and the balustrade. This key stair structure offers numerous advantages and previously unknown design possibilities.


High-quality natural rubber elastomers provide cushioning underfoot.

A unique system

The perfect combination of form and function.


With a load-bearing capacity of several tonnes, Treppenmeister stairs more than satisfy statutory safety requirements.

staircases care

The seam-free design makes for fast, easy cleaning.