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Wood - the natural choice for your staircase

For decades we have manufactured our stairs from nature's finest raw material, because for us, sustainability is a top priority. That is why we only use wood from renewable sources, which has been dried gently and processed with care.
In our attractive stair showrooms you'll find an extensive range of perfectly formed stair models. You stand to benefit from the quality of the Treppenmeister brand, our wealth of technical know-how and our guaranteed safety standards.

The original Treppenmeister staircase

Every Original Treppenmeister staircase is manufactured with meticulous care by a local Treppenmeister partner company, which also provides detailed advice on the model, wood variety and type of balustrade best suited to your needs.
Our system staircases allow you to mix and match individual design elements in countless different ways, in order to create a bespoke wooden staircase in keeping with any decor.


More than 45 years of expertise in stair building

The Treppenmeister brand is based on the design principles of the system staircase, which was invented in 1964.  Since then, we have been systematically expanding our product range and now offer designer staircases made from modern materials including not only wood, but also glass, steel and high-tensile composites.

We have produced over half a million Treppenmeister staircases to date, each one manufactured using the latest state-of-the-art technology.