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Treppenmeister staircases

Our mission:

product development, structural calculations, product trials, evidence of conformity, monitoring.
These are just keywords to give you an idea of the mephasis we place on high safety and quality standards when building every single Original Treppenmeister staircase. Every newly developed model stands for progress and innovative knowhow. It goes without saying that all our stair structures have building regulatione approval as seen from the CE mark.

Treppenmeister staircases

The System staircase

The System staircase - for unparalleled well-being

The System staircase provides architectural interest without dominating the room. Its casual stylishness and contemporary flair create lasting value.

Cantilever staircase 'EGO'

The expressive treads made from solid wood make a powerful statement. The seeming weihgtlessness of these stairs is immediately intriguing . There are no structural elements to destroy the illusion. These stairs owe their distinctive character only to the shape of the treads and the type of wood from which they are made.

We recommend a handrail for your own safety. The handrail and other details can be designed in accordance with your own personal wishes.

stell-string staircse 'FERRO'

The combination of tangible sturdiness and filigree lightness lend 'FERRO' ists linear charm. The contrast between wood and steel make this staircase stylish and capricious.

And when it comes to the balutrade, your wish is our command.

Load-bering bolt staircase 'BOLERO'

If you are an individualist, the BOLERO staircase will allow you to unleash your creativity. In the case of this model, an extensive range of individual components can be combined in countless differnt ways.

Load-bering bolt staircase 'LINEA'

allways different, always perfect

The LINEA staircase is a folded plate staircase. Thanks to its abiity to adapt to its surroundings, this unique architectural feature is eye-catching from every angle. The stairs appear to be floating in thin air.

Spiral staircases

With an arches or spiral saircase, you are bound to step up in style. Given the right surroundings, it can be installed as a free-standing centrepiece.

Slimline-string staircase 'LOFT'

clear lines, clear style

The contemporay chic of the LOFT model has instant appeal and lends every room a distinctive feel. The light, elgeant strings radiate spaciousness and create a converted warehouse ambience.

This staircase makes a clear statment about your personal lifstyle in an unusual, but elegant way.

String staircase

Weather in a beuatiful period townhouse or a well-loved country cottage, the string staircase underlines the traditonal way of life.

This classic model with all its virtues has now been given a modern twist.